Our facility features an array of equipment aimed at improving functional strength and balance.



We are among those utilizing the  Biodex SD for static and dynamic balance training.













 We have fall prevention harnesses for use on overground walking as well as treadmill training.



Our clients have fun and are challenged by the many dynamic platforms and balancing options at their disposal.




The mat room is great for developing core strength, balance and overcoming motion sensitivity.

Our facility also features  Interactive metronome for work on timing, and coordination as well as Wii and computer assisted exercise programs. Integrated Listening Systems is available for those who need work on coordinating  auditory and movement integration. 

The entire facility is coordinated to work with visual vestibular hypo-function for developing stable dynamic gaze with good balance. To this end we have exercises which are targeted to every age group and a wide variety of interests. This program uses the Eye Port as well as specially developed proprietary materials. 



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