TestimonialsEverybody is different and has a unique set of circumstances that accompany the challenges they face whether it is muscle weakness, incoordination, motion intolerance, dizziness, poor vestibular response, or neuromuscular disorders.  So it is important, to do a complete evaluation to discover the factors causing their symptoms.  There are often problems with asymmetry in the neck, difficulty moving the head separately from the trunk, gaze in stability, and weakness in the core area of the neck, shoulders, trunk and hips.  This makes everything they do difficult.  They don't have a stable base to work from and they have to use their muscles in a less efficient and sometimes awkward manner.  We've had people make dramatic improvement, sometimes, in a very short period of time.  This doesn't mean that all of their problems are solved but sometimes they can get over a hump that they have struggled with and start making significant progress.  We think it is because we work on things in a logical and developmental sequence.  We work hard, therapy is not easy.  It takes persistence and dedication to make true changes.  

The improvement with children that we see is sometimes noted by their teachers or extended family with comments that they are making more eye contact, walking with better posture; don't fall our to their chair anymore, can walk on the beach, and use the stairs.  Many of the kids we see have difficulty standing on one foot with their eyes shut.  This is when good balance is really being tested.  They may find it difficult to stand with one foot in front of the other especially with their eyes shut.  It may be hard to shift their weight side to side.  Sometimes, they are afraid of heights, or they don't want to try new things or break down and cry easily when asked to try any new physical activity.  Some kids fall frequently so, they make it a game and crash into things all the time.  If you ask them to jump and land on their feet, they can't.  


We had a mom tell us that she had a wonderful weekend because her daughter was able to go into the ball / maze structure at a fast food restaurant.  Her daughter had always watched her friends play in it but never went in herself.  She was 11 years old.

soccer ballWe worked with an eight year old boy who would play soccer for an hour then have to rest all day.  If he rode in a car too long or was particularly tired, he would get migraine headaches and have to go to bed without even eating dinner.  The first time he came to therapy, he stayed 45 minutes, afterwards he had to take a nap.  We worked on core strengthening, stretching his neck so that he could turn his head symmetrically and gaze stabilization exercises.  In a relatively short time, less than two months, he stopped having migraines.  He was able to exercise over two hours without fatigue, and would go on a 2 mile run with his mom after therapy.

We had a client who complained of motion sickness, fatigue, irritability and having to read with one eye covered.  She became sick whenever she was a passenger in a car.  She felt tired and out of shape, and had difficulty doing visual and auditory tasks at the same time.  We worked on motion tolerance, neck exercises, stabilizing gaze, and core strengthening. After two months, she came and told us that she programmed her new phone while riding in a car (no she was not driving!).  



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