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Located in Roswell, Georgia Adventures In Balance LLC is a privately owned physical therapy service providing individual physical therapy treatment for children and adults with a wide variety of diagnosis.

Our areas of focus are:

 *  Balance and Coordination
 *  Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
 *  Vestibular Rehabilitation- Certified
 *  Sensory Integration- SIPT Certified
 *  Motion Tolerance

Individuals challenged in the following areas may benefit from our physical therapy:

 *  Difficulty walking, running or jumping
 *  Motor Developmental Delay
 *  Muscle Weakness / Imbalance
 *  Low Tone
 *  Poor Posture
 *  Muscle Tightness
 *  Motion Intolerance / Frequent Falls
 *  Gravitational Insecurity
 *  Clumsiness
 *  Poor Coordination
 *  Difficulty separating head and trunk rotational motion

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